3 Top Tips to Save Money This Summer

Summer’s coming – you can feel it in the air, the way the clouds gently part and reveal a glorious blue sky that hints of more, so much more, to come. It’s that time when everyone seems to all – nay, jaunt – with a spring in their step.

Only one thing can put paid to that – worrying about money. So we’ve got a list of 3 small ways to save a little bit more cash during the sunnier months. After all, everyone deserves to enjoy summer!


Make Your Own Ice Creams

Why spend out on Cornettos and 99s just because some bloke in a van is playing a nursery rhyme at twice the speed? It’s a whole lot cheaper to whip up your own ice creams and lollies to enjoy. Not only that, but you can make them in precisely the flavours and textures you like best. That way, you’re not shelling out too much, and you get to enjoy exactly what you like for a fraction of the price.


Make Your Own Styles

Ok, let’s be clear, we’re not suggesting you cut off your denims and wear them like swimming trunks – that’s a look that should be banned. But other items of clothing can work just fine. Like chinos, which can be effortlessly converted into knee-length shorts and, once stitched, will look just as good as the more expensive ones they sell in shops. Failing that, of course, simply re-use last year’s items. Shorts and t-shirts never really date (unless they’re Bermuda shorts!) so you’ll be able to carry off a timeless style.


Make Your Holiday Memorable

Holidays abroad are one of the most expensive activities you can spend out on – right up there with buying houses and new cars. But just because you’re watching the pennies doesn’t mean you can’t have a vacation. Just opt for a stay-cation instead. There are multiple options here: take a holiday in the same country; only go somewhere within easy driving distance; and even staying at home. Yep, some even choose to literally stay at home, but pursue leisure activities as if you’re lolloping about in Palm Springs. Because holidays aren’t about the destination; they’re about creating experiences and memories that will last forever.


What will you do this summer to make sure you enjoy yourselves? Whatever you do, don’t spend the summer worrying about money – that’s why we’re here to help. Get in contact with us for the very best advice on how to handle your debts with debt management plans that are built for you.

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