Are you searching for a debt arrangement scheme in Scotland? We can provide you with a suitable solution here at Debt Advisory Services Scotland.

Who are Debt Advisory Services Scotland?

We are dedicated to helping clients maintain their repayments and ensure they can have professional advice to become debt free. With over a decade’s worth of experience, we know what it takes to help clients with all sorts of debt concerns and offer full support.

How we can help

We’ll listen to your current debt situations and provide open and honest advice on how to approach the issue.

One of our solutions is a debt management plan. Unlike a debt arrangement scheme, this type of solution acts as an informal agreement between the parties involved. By choosing our support we can act as a negotiator on your behalf with the creditors to attempt to reduce interest or freeze charges being made to accounts.

Moving forward this can help you get back on track with your debt repayments.

Affordable support

To save you worry over the cost of our service, we don’t ask for payment up front and unlike a number of debt managements our fees are not based on a percentage of your monthly payment but on the number of creditors that are included within your debt repayment plan. Basing our fees on the number of creditors means that our fee will not increase if you decide to increase your monthly contribution.

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