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Teaching Your Children to Manage their Money

Debt is a common problem within the UK, and many people find themselves slipping into a continuous spiral of debt without even realising how they got there. Actually, genuinely exceptional circumstances aside, avoiding debt is frequently a matter of fostering wise money-management, but if you get into bad habits early on in your life it…
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Making a PPI Claim

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a policy that is intended to cover debt repayments in the event that a person is unable to work, but all too often the concept is mentioned in the context of such a policy being mis-sold. Stories relating to mis sold PPI are frequently in our news headlines, and scarcely…
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5 Common Reasons Why People End Up In Debt

There are many situations that can lead people into debt. Some of these problems will arise regardless of how careful a person may be with their finances, whilst others will only become a factor when some form of mismanagement is present. Naturally though, certain situations are more widespread than others, so here are five common…
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Being Careful with Credit Cards

The notion of a credit card is appealing to many, allowing you to make those expensive purchases and spread the cost rather than taking one big financial hit. It’s little wonder that so many people rely on credit cards on a day to day basis. However, it is important to be careful with your credit…
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