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The services that we provide go beyond those offered by other Debt Management Companies who do no more, than just put a plan in place to deal with your current debts.

We see that putting a plan in place to deal with your creditors as being the first step towards your financial rehabilitation. Whilst it is imperative that a plan is put in place early to deal with your creditors, moving forward, our Fresh Start programme offers simple, straightforward help and advice to help boost your disposable income by helping you to identify areas within your household budget where savings can made and by helping you to assess your benefit entitlement.

A brighter future – It’s all about your Fresh Start

With rising bills, switching not only your Debt Management Plan provider but by simply comparing the costs of your utility bills, life insurance and home insurance plans can save you a lot of money each month.

Switching should be at the heart of your personal finance maintenance. You cantake advantage of the best deals available by reviewing your gas, electricity, phone, broadband and insurance bills on a regular basis.

Taking part in our FREE FRESH START programme really won’t cost you a penny. Reviewing your outgoings on a regular basis can save you hundreds of pounds a year and can help you to pay off your outstanding debts faster.

Our Fresh Start programme is designed to help you make the most of your money and provide you with the opportunity of freeing up additional disposable income that can be used to help you repay your debts as early as possible.

In addition to helping you to identify areas where you may save money, we will also show you how you can assess your benefit entitlements so that you are able to maximize your monthly income.

As benefits are not just for the unemployed and as rules constantly change, it’s worth carrying out an annual check to see if your entitlements have changed.

Your Next Step To Becoming Debt Free:

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Careful consideration should be taken before choosing any debt solution.

Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited only recommends appropriate debt solutions after we have conducted a full review of your personal financial circumstances.

Our Financial Review Service is completely free and there is no commitment for you to action any of the solutions that we recommend to help you deal with your financial problems.

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