Managing Your Budget: Christmas Shopping

Positive financial habits can be a struggle, especially around Christmas time. Between family and friends you need to buy gifts for, decorations, and all of the “mandatory” festive objects, you may end up spending more that you can afford to. Starting a new year in debt is very stressful, and there are a few steps you can take to prevent you from overspending.16



Keep Organised with a Shopping List

A shopping list helps you to keep organised and focused on what you want to buy. Going shopping without a list increases the chance of you buying many gifts on impulse. Alongside an organised list, an established budget prevents you from spending money you can’t afford to.

Have a Fun Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun activity you can organise with your family and your friends. In addition to creating a more fun atmosphere, it helps you – and all of your loved ones – to save money during the festive season. A maximum amount for how much everyone should spend will avoid you going over budget.

Budget Throughout the Year

While it might seem too early to start Christmas shopping around March or April, buying gifts throughout the year helps to spread the amount you spend. On regular days, make sure to keep an eye out for gifts you know your loved ones would enjoy; you’ll build up your presents slowly in an affordable way.

Online shopping is a great way of finding bargains and discounts; websites such as Amazon often have deals on their products, and you can find something for a cheaper and with good quality.

Christmas presents

Homemade Gifts

There are many homemade gift ideas you get inspiration from online. Sentimental gifts are always unique, as you can’t find it anywhere else. And your loved ones will appreciate the time and effort you put into making them a beautiful gift. You can bake cookies and put them in a decorated jar, or craft something useful for the home. It’s always a great way to save money.

Having a fun Christmas without spending too much money is easy; you shouldn’t have to worry about being in debt, especially around the festive season. At Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited we provide expert services to help you manage your debt. Just get in touch with us on 0800 011 2322 to speak to our skilled team. We’re always happy to help!

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