Money Saving Tips For Summer 2015

Knowing that it’s almost summer should make you both happy and excited. However, for some people it can be a worrying period when it comes to spending money.

Summer means summer holidays, where the kids are off school for 6 weeks and they want entertaining every day. Attempting to keep the whole family amused can mean spending more money than you would do during term time. Even for the people who don’t have children, summer means having more day trips out, which usually results in spending money.

As a company that deals with debt solutions in Scotland, we know a thing or two about saving money. Using this knowledge, we have put together a few helpful tips on how you can save money this summer.


  1. Check Online Before Going Anywhere

If you are planning a day out to a specific location that is going to cost money, you should always check online first to see if there is a cheaper price. A lot of companies offer special ‘online prices’ which make it a lot cheaper booking online than just turning up.

There are also websites that offer discount codes for places, or have deals which you can benefit from. It is worth the effort of spending half an hour online if it’s going to save you money in the long run.

You should try to take advantage of local attractions too, especially those with free entry!

  1.  Ditch Your Dryer

If the sun is shining, don’t waste unnecessary energy and money by using your tumble dryer. If you have the facilities to hang your washing outside, then you should definitely take advantage on a sunny day. The sun and the slight breeze will be able to do all the drying for you! If your garden is secure, you can leave the washing on the line whilst you are out.

  1.  Stock Up On Food

It might sound odd that we are telling you to stock up on food in a post about saving money, but hear us out.

Summer often means going on more days out, which means that everyone will need feeding at least once during the trip. Sometimes, it can seem easier to just hit the nearest fast food outlet, but this can add up if you are doing it more than once a week.

We suggest stocking up on foods such as bread, meats, and snacks which can be prepared before a big trip and taken along with you.

  1. Ditch The Car

Probably one of the best ways to save money at any time of the year, but especially in summer when you can take advantage of the weather.

Walking is good exercise, and allows you to enjoy the weather and save money.

Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but it’s worth looking into other options. Could you share a car to work? Or go on your bike? Money saving options are everywhere if you think about them.


We hope that our money saving tips can help you out this summer. Unfortunately, we know that it might be too late for some people. If you are suffering with debt or you find yourself in trouble this summer, then we can help you out. Here at Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited, we are always on hand to help you get back on track. For more information, please contact us on 0800 011 2322 and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

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