Our Tips on How To Ace Your Debts

We understand that sometimes you can feel like you are engaged in a never-ending tennis game with your creditors when it comes to paying off your debt.

Here at Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited, we’ve decided that in the spirit of Wimbledon which is happening at the moment, we’d share with you some helpful debt-acing tips to avoid feeling like you are being dealt a backhand smash by your creditors.

Work On Your Skills

You will never hear a professional tennis player say that they aren’t good at something. They will always focus on what they can improve on, which is also easily applied to paying off your debt.

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Identifying your weak points when it comes to paying off a debt will allow you to overcome and improve on them. It may be that you need to improve on your budgeting skills in order to be able to effectively pay off your debt in a quicker manner.

Better, Faster, Stronger!

The more a tennis player trains, the faster and stronger they get in their game. The faster and stronger they get, the more successful they will become in those all important matches.

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When it comes to debt repayments, working up to being able to pay more of your debt off at a time, or more frequently is extremely beneficial to your debt management. To do this you will need to be able to increase you income or budget more effectively by spending less and focusing more on your repayments.

Just like sport, repaying your debt isn’t always pain free, and as they say “pain is gain!”

Dominate Your Game Quickly

The key to getting ahead in a match is to go all out attack. Even if you feel like you have a comfy lead, it’s easy to become complacent and let your guard down, and that’s when your competitor will swoop in and take victory.

Tennis Racket and Ball on Court

The key to dominating your debt repayment is to tackle it head on, and not relent until your repayment is complete. Find ways to save money and focus on taking down your debt rather than paying over the odds for a new TV which you don’t really need.

You Won’t Win Every Time

Even the top tennis players in the world lose a few matches.

The sad truth about budgeting is that it doesn’t always work.  There will always be something unexpected that will come up and you will have to put budgeting on hold and pay out for those urgent events that may occur.


Debt repayment isn’t a quick and easy thing to accomplish and you shouldn’t get disheartened if you feel that you aren’t making a lot of progress. That’s why it’s important to get debt advice from a reliable source.

Here at Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited, we provide a friendly, informative debt advisory service in Scotland. No matter how much or how little debt you are in, we are on hand to help you. If you would like to have a chat with one of our approachable team members, contact us today by calling 0800 011 2322.

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