Spotlight On: Fresh Start Programme

Are you so concerned about your finances that you just don’t know where to begin? Each time you try and get your head round it all, does everything just start spinning?

The Fresh Start Programme is designed for people like you because it doesn’t just look at debt – it’s a whole new approach.

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Independent Experts

The Debt Advisory Services (Scotland)  will look at what can be done to control and reduce your debt, of course. But the aim is to get you properly back on your feet, so the Fresh Start Programme does a lot more.

It starts with a simple benefit – having someone to help you who isn’t involved, someone who can take a fresh, impartial look at your situation. That’s valuable just because having a fresh pair of eyes on it, particularly those of a personal finance expert, can often unearth fresh solutions.

Do You Have a Right to More?

We’ll also see if there are any extra benefits or tax breaks that could help you out.

You might think you are claiming everything you’re entitled to, but the government chops and changes things all the time. So it’s well worth doing a regular review to see if there’s more that you qualify for.

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Spending Review

The whole point of the Fresh Start Programme is to get you back on your feet faster and with less stress.

So we’ll see where you can save you money on your spending as well. Switching suppliers saves money but people are understandably reluctant to make the move from companies they’ve been with for a long time.

We will help you identify where you can save money to give you more disposable income which will help you get out of debt faster.

Debt Management

We’ll help with the debts too. We’ll negotiate with creditors to get interest frozen or reduced so that you can see light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll end up with one manageable monthly payment.

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Fresh Start Programme

The first step is to contact us to take a full Financial Review. It’s completely free and there’s no obligation to follow any of the solutions we come up with.

Isn’t it time you made a Fresh Start?

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