Tackling the January Sales on a Budget

Christmas will soon be done and dusted for yet another year. You know what that means – the January sales are right around the corner. Each year all our favourite high street shops slice the price of their stock and offer amazing discounts following the festive season.

It’s a great time to splash the cash – or at least it is if you have any. Fear not, even those who are short of spends can still make the most of the sales. Just follow these handy tricks and you can learn to shop on a budget.


As with anything involving money, you shouldn’t jump in feet first. Instead, you should do a fair amount of research to see which outlets are offering the best discounts. Just flick through the internet and compare prices before deciding what is a real bargain and what’s not.


British high-speed train at Preston station

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the shops you could just walk and save money on travel. However, this doesn’t take into account how you’re going to return once you’re up to your eyeballs in carrier bags. The best option you can go with is public transport, especially if you travel off-peak when the fares are usually cheaper. If you have to get a taxi then make sure you take a friend so you can split the price of the journey.

Avoid Temptation

Tags stating 75% off can be very alluring. But you have to ask yourself – do you actually need it? You should have no problems sticking to a budget if you avoid buying stuff just because it’s temptingly cheap. If you can’t help but purchase on impulse then make sure you keep the receipts in case you change your mind later.

Necessities Over Luxuries

Closeup of woman holding shopping bags

Fight the urge to buy items that you can’t justify. Instead, focus on purchasing necessities like underwear, socks and clothing you need for work.

Do you Need Help?

If you have difficulty sticking to a budget and are struggling to manage mounting debt, you can always turn to Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited. Our insolvency service specialises in debt management plans and we can provide help to you in various ways.

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