Top Tips to Save Money on Holiday

With the warmer weather slowly coming back, going on holiday is likely to be on your mind. With the potential expense a holiday may bring, saving money when possible is always advisable. You can easily enjoy a lovely holiday on a low budget!

So, what steps can you take for an affordable holiday?

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Book Early

Booking early is the first vital step in cutting costs for your holiday, as it allows you to find very good deals for both flights and accommodation. And when you start planning early, you also prepare your itinerary and know exactly how much you’re spending – and if it’s within your budget. Direct flights are more convenient, but indirect ones are often less expensive. If you have the time to spend a few more hours getting to your destination, then indirect flights are the ideal choice.


Visit Free Attractions

Every country has a wide number of free attractions you can visit which, in cities such as London, allow you to experience the local culture on a low budget. Museums, parks, and monuments are often open to the public for free every day, providing you and your family with educational and engaging exhibitions.


Cook Your Meals

Big spendings when on holiday can be traced to meals; eating in restaurants and cafés can be very pricey and chip away at your budget. Whenever possible, choosing accommodation options that allow you to cook your own meals will not only save you that extra cost but also let you experience the local gastronomy.

family cooking a meal at home to save money for a holiday


Travel Light

Low-cost flights can greatly save you on costs when travelling, and so can travelling light! Checked luggage on low-cost airlines comes with a fee, so be sure to travel with a carry-on only. You’ll also have less luggage to carry around with you, which is more convenient and less stressful. And travelling light also means that you have space for something extra that you might pick up on holiday.


Don’t Buy Expensive Souvenirs

Taking souvenirs home for family and friends is typically part of every holiday and trip. Although a good intention, they can quickly put you out of pocket and make you go over your budget. You can easily forego souvenirs or keep them very simple and personal.

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