5 Easy Ways to Save Money

Here at Scottish Debt Help, we’re a specialist service when it comes to assisting with debt advisory schemes and Trust Deeds in Scotland, and over the years we’ve picked up a lot of hints and tips to help you save money. Many of these methods are very easy to get into the swing of too, so here are 5 of the easiest, and most effective, ways for you to save money in your current situation.


Making and sticking to a budget is perhaps the single most effective way of saving money, and it’s not all that difficult either. Work out how much you are making, calculate how much you should need to spend over the course of a month, and then aim to save the leftover sum. Doing this, rather than frittering such money away, will make a colossal difference to your savings, and this in turn will also give you a robust financial barrier to avoid falling into debt.


Energy wastage is a common problem. Simple little things like using lights unnecessarily, leaving your computers or the TV on standby when you could turn them off, insisting on energy inefficient bulbs, or heating the entire house when you’re only using one room are all prime offenders, so try to do what you can to reform in this area. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too, so you’ll have an additional reason to feel good about yourself.

Bad Habits

There are lots of bad habits in the world, and some of them are definitely expensive. This category is obviously going to be highly personal, and might include impulse buying, buying as a method of ‘de-stressing’ or ‘comfort’, buying purely for convenience (e.g. using vending machines just because they are close to hand) or getting rid of expensive excesses like smoking or bulk-buying alcohol. All of these habits (and more) are very costly, and as it happens showing them the door will benefit you in other ways too.

Food Shopping

Food shopping is one of the areas where money can easily be spent almost without restraint, and it’s actually very easy to cut out that habit. Cooking at home rather than going out is obviously the primary example, but so too is making your meals from scratch without resorting to more expensive ready meals. Similarly, packed lunches at work, forgoing a few outings to the coffee shop, and avoiding branded food products can all help you to save a surprising amount of money.


We all need some ‘me-time’, but that break doesn’t have to cost the earth. When it comes to entertainment, try to save money. If you’re a gamer, try buying second hand titles, and prioritise long-lasting games that will take a long time to finish. If you’re a film buff, consider buying DVDs rather than frequenting the cinema so often. If fitness is your thing, think about how you can exercise without buying an expensive gym membership. There are plenty of ways to have fun without it costing a fortune.

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