Three Options for Fewer Sleepless Nights

Debt can be extremely stressful and severely impact many aspects of your life. At Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited, we strive to help more people work towards a debt-free life, and we can help you find a debt solution to suit your situation, level of debt and your personal requirements.

With our extensive experience in debt management, we know how to help you have fewer sleepless nights, so here are our three solutions that will work to change your life for the better.


Trust Deed

If you’re a Scottish resident and you can no longer afford to make payments on your loan/s or credit card/s, you can take out what is known as a trust deed.

Trust deeds in Scotland allow those in debt to regain control of their repayments by forming an agreed payment plan with the creditor. Once this is protected, this means that no further action can be taken against you by your creditor because of your debt, meaning that you don’t have to worry about repossession or losing your home.

Trust deeds also permit that, should you fulfil the requirements, all your unsecured debt can be written off following the completion of the payment plan.

Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan allows you to take control of your debts by making an informal agreement. This agreement is designed to allow you to make more affordable monthly payments towards your debt.

This step is perfect for those struggling with temporary debt repayments who do not wish to have their details on a public register or re-mortgage their home. If you take out a debt management plan, you will be able to stop worrying about your council tax, mortgage repayments, utilities or student loans. You will be able to manage your debt in a simple, low-risk way.


Debt Arrangement Scheme

If you dream of living a life that is completely debt free, a debt arrangement scheme could be the perfect debt solution for you.

When set up by a debt advisor, your scheme can freeze interest, fees and charges placed on your debt, allowing you to take more control and pay off your debt successfully. By making more affordable monthly payments, you can start to begin a stress-free life.

These steps can help you on your way to saying goodbye to sleepless nights, stress and more importantly, debt. At Debt Advisory Services (Scotland) Limited, we can help you to find the best debt solution for you. For more information, contact us today by calling 0800 011 2322.

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